In his paintings Max Kremer alternates between conscious and subconscious states simultaneously, playing out forms from memory. This is most present through his use of negative space and abstract representation in defining forms. Kremer distinguishes himself from Expressionistic and Fauvist tendencies by using a variable scale in his structure of perspective. Through this technique, Kremer breaks from established traditions in landscape painting, developing his own gestural language of representation. Instead of regarding a facsimile of representation or a flat color field, the viewer finds themselves amid developing concepts in a trompe l’oeil three dimensional white void. The color forms in Kremer’s work have no specific pattern or light source, leaving space for the viewer to define the limitations of their perceived environment.

Max Kremer(b.1999, Houston,TX) is an American painter majoring in Studio Art at The University of Texas, Austin.This is his first exhibition with Blank Check.